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Back to School Theme

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Back to School Theme

Each year we decide on a family Back to School Theme to help us stay focused on improving throughout the year. It should be noted these themes are not just for the kids – us adults need them too. I honestly feel like I end up steering the kids in the direction of a theme that I need help with too.

If you want a free copy of this Back to School Theme print, simply click the image below to download and print.


This year our Back to School Theme is “I am tough. I am kind. I am positive.” I really want my kids (and myself!) to focus on being tough when little things seem hard, being kind to everyone – even the people that are hard to be kind to, and being positive. We talked about how this is pretty easy when things are good, but staying positive is especially hard when things aren’t so good. Honestly we usually stop referencing the theme a month or two into the school year, so my goal this year is to reference this all year long. I already framed a print of this in my living room!

I also have the goal sheets we used to help the kids plan their yearly goals. You can get a copy too by clicking and downloading this image!


Click here to see our other free printables – and of course tag @plumstreetcollective if you use any of these prints with your family.

Does your family do a Back to School Theme ? Hope you have a great Back to School season 😉

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