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Summer Planning Printable

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Summer Planning Printable

I remember the care-free summers before we had kids – we’d schedule a trip or two, take some early days off work, hike, explore, eat where we’d like, see some fun movies, and go out with friends. Summers with kids are just a tad (completely) different. Planning in lessons and camps and house projects and family trips and get-togethers with friends (who may happen to only overlap you in town for 3 specific days of the whole summer). Not to mention family outings, camping trips, etc. etc. Summer planning with a family can make your head spin.

I love using my Plum Street Planner and Plum Street planning notepads for my weekly planning, but lately I’ve been wanting an at-a-glance view of our summer. So I put together this summer planning printable for myself, and wanted to offer you a free copy too!

This summer planning printable is the perfect way to jot down all your summer activities so you can see them at-a-glance. I’m such a visual thinker I really need things like this to help me tackle our tasks this summer. Write out big things you have going on this summer, then hang it up in a common area – like the kitchen – so everyone walking by can remember all the activities going on. It can also be fun to make countdowns (5 days until Disneyland or 2 weeks until the wedding!).

Free Summer Planning Printable - At-a-glance Summer 2017

Click the image above to be directed to the summer planning printable. It’s already sized to 8.5 x 11″ paper for you, so you can easily print at home. You can also download a copy by clicking here. Print it out, fill it out, then keep it on your fridge or bulletin board.

Let me know if you use this summer planning printable to organize your summer! If so, be sure to tag us @plumstreetprints on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy summer planning! Hope you have a lot of fun things coming up.

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