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Printable Travel Planner

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Printable Travel Planner

Whenever we take a trip, I find myself spending the week or two before thinking of things I need to remember – a certain item I need to be sure to pack, or a restaurant recommendation, an important tip or confirmation number, etc. Sometimes I even get our suitcases out early and start putting things in as I think of them to make sure I don’t forget.

One thing that has helped me is a travel planner. Our Plum Street Planners have several travel planners in the back (my favorite part!) but with travel coming up I thought it’d be great for you all to have quick access to a printable travel planner. Print out one or ten of this Printable Travel Planner – use them at home before your trips and then bring them along to make sure you don’t forget anything there and on your way back.

Printable Travel Planner

Click the image above to be directed to the printable travel planner. It’s already sized to 8.5 x 11″ paper for you, so you can easily print at home. You can also download a copy by clicking here. Print it out, fill it out, then keep it on your fridge or nightstand until you leave. Then be sure to take it with you and use it when you’re packing to come home.

Let me know if you use this printable travel planner to organize your trips! If so, be sure to tag us @plumstreetprints on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy travel planning!

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  1. I love this idea so much! We are going on our first family vacation this spring and I want to start planning the details out so we can maximize our time and enjoy ourselves. Unfortunately, it won’t let me access the printable. Is it not available for printing anymore? Thanks for all of your AMAZING content! <3

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