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21 Days of Gratitude

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21 Days of Gratitude

Last month a friend recommended an amazing podcast to me – it was part of Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, and the guest was Shawn Achor – a specialist in positive psychology and a Harvard professor. His class about happiness and positive psychology is the most attended class at Harvard! (Click the links above to go to the podcast – be sure to listen to both parts. Great activity to do while you’re cleaning or working.)

I’ve spoken about this podcast several times on my Instagram stories – it’s had a big impact on me because of Shawn Achor’s ability to clearly show how happiness can be a choice. All of us must be actively working toward our happiness. He states that, “Happiness is the joy you feel striving toward your potential.” This is the first part, and it’s huge. We all need to feel like we are working toward being our best selves – like we are working on something great within us. Click here or the image above to download this print!

Secondly, he states that there are practices we can do every day that will increase our happiness dramatically – and anyone can do these! For 21 days – to start – simply write down 3 things you are grateful for each day. Each day these things must be different, during the 21 day challenge, but other than that it can be anything – from something small to something large, from a tangible thing to an experience or emotion.

I’ve been doing this 21 Days of Gratitude for the past month (more than 21 days 😉 and it’s been amazing how it’s helped me find joy even on the hard days, and it’s helped me realize every single thing around me is a blessing.

I want you to do this 21 Days of Gratitude task! Simply print out this pdf (click here or the image below) to get your copy! Or you can just write it in your journal or planner too. Simply start. Right now. It’s crazy how gratitude can literally change our lives.

Thank you for reading about the 21 Days of Gratitude! Click here to see my other free improvement prints and let me know if you’re going to do the challenge!

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