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Roundup of My Favorite Cement Tile

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Roundup of My Favorite Cement Tile

Guys, after living in our house for almost a year, we are finally getting around to redoing our laundry room! There are about 100 things I want to redo in our house, but this past year painting our kitchen, painting the walls, doing a bunch of yard work, getting furniture, drapes, etc. has all had to come before any type of actual renovation project. We are starting with the laundry room because it’s a smaller project.

Here’s our house – isn’t she pretty? I love our neighborhood and our house – but – it was built in 1996 so there is a lot to do. I know the 90s is back in fashion, but I don’t know if arched interior windows or honey oak floors will ever be back šŸ˜‰Ā  (To see how we painted our kitchen white, see this post or to see a couple other little projects we’ve done, click here.)

First up we’re starting with a small space. It’s a pretty small room but we will be updating cabinets and putting a counter top in – also my husband told me he’d tear out our old tile for me and put in any tile I want (whhhaat? Insert GIF of me running around my house Home Alone style here.) Yes please – I’d like patterned cement tile please!

As we’ve been planning, I’ve been scouring the internet for my favorite cement tile. There are a lot of pretty kinds out there but some are so over the top I’d never use them in our house. Here’s theĀ Roundup of My Favorite Cement Tile. Once we decide on a tile, I’ll update you on the process.Ā  I find I like the simpler cement tile – only one or two more neutral colors (rather than this type of really vivid color floor). Here are my faves:

1.Ā Ā SomerTile Burlesque Floor and Wall Tile

(bathroom design source here)

2.Ā  Estrella Grey Tile

(laundry room source here)

3.Ā  Moroccan Mosaic Black and White Tile

(bathroom design source)

4. Black and White Geometric Tile

Tadla 8" X 8" Handmade Cement Tile in Black/White

(bathroom source here)

There you have it! A Roundup of My Favorite Cement Tile … once I started looking around I realized there were only a few I actually felt were practical enough for our house. I also love that I could find most of these from Amazon or Wayfair. They’re much more reasonably priced than some of the fancy tile shops I’ve found out there. I’m narrowing down between these options as I put together some other colors to see what will look best. I loved these options because they had a fun and interesting pattern but weren’t too colorful or over the top for us.

Hope you loved thisĀ Roundup of My Favorite Cement Tile – I’m curious – have you done a patterned floor or backsplash before? Did you love it or did you grow tired of it? I’m worried that I’ll love it at first but get sick of it. But for some reason that still isn’t stopping me from going forward. Ha!

Be sure to let me know if you have input or experience with cement tile! Follow alongĀ @plumstreetcollectiveĀ on Instagram. Thanks for reading!


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  1. Obsessed with all of this! Pinned the bathroom design….LOVE!

  2. Crying over how darling your house is I canā€™t wait to build our next home- I have huge bathroom plans and this is such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing in BGB!

  3. My Favorite is the last one geometric, or the first burlesque. Perhaps I like these because I am a quilter. Always looking at patterns and designs. The descions
    between these two patterns are ” do you prefer curves or lines?”
    I like the black and white, clean lines, not likely to tire of these patterns. Have fun!!

  4. Passionate about all of this amazing stuff! Really Impressed with the bathroom design.

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