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My Favorite Lettering Pens

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My favorite lettering pens –
I have a lot of people ask me about PENS! What are my favorite to write with, which ones are best for black, color, thick, thin, etc. I’m a visual learner so I thought some visuals might help display what my favorite pens look like – I hope this lettering pen roundup helps you figure out which pens you’d like to try! Also, for a roundup of different lettering techniques – see some of my videos here.

My biggest piece of advice for lettering anything nicely – no matter the pen – use thick strokes when you go down, and thin when you come up. Really exaggerate the thick and thin to give your writing a lovely lettered style. Without that variation it will just look like cursive.

Tombow Fude Pen

The first pen I love is a Tombow Fude Pen – it’s the best at imitating calligraphy (in a marker format).This print looks like calligraphy – it’s so pretty:

Aquash Watercolor Brush Pen

Next up is probably my all-time favorite lettering pen – this Aquash Waterbrush pen. You can use it with any color, it writes smoothly, and has lots of size options. See how I made the below print – the pen allows for a lot of color variation. See my youtube video here specifically about Watercolor Brush Lettering!

This black Pentel Brush Pen is the first wet ink brush pen I ever used – I love it! It’s full of dark black ink, so be careful, but once you get the hang of the flow, it really writes so smoothly.  For a basic overview of brush lettering, see my video here!

These Tombow Dual Brush Pens are a classic go-to lettering pen for beginners. They have a forgiving tip that helps you learn the thin and thick strokes easily. I love how this Let’s Do This print came out:

 One of my favorite ways to letter is with my kids’ markers! These Crayola Broad Point Washable Markers are great for lettering because they have a thin tip and a broad edge – this really helps you get the thin and thick variation in your lettering. Click here to see my video about lettering with Crayola markers!


Let me know if you make try out any of my favorite lettering pens ! If so, be sure to tag @plumstreetprints / #plumstreetprints on Instagram or Facebook. Can’t wait to see what you try!

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