Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish

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Sharing the details of our Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish – including itinerary, activities, accommodations, and more.

For several years our kids have been wanting to do a cruise for our family vacation – Mitch and I had only done 1 cruise before (not Disney) and we’d heard that with kids Disney is the best bet for a cruise. Disney Cruises cost a bit more than other cruises, but we don’t take a lot of cruises and felt like this may be our only one for a while, so wanted to go with Disney. We were willing to save a little longer to splurge for a more family-friendly cruise. Compared to other cruise lines, Disney cruises really are wonderful for kids and families because there are no casinos or gambling, the entertainment is geared specifically toward families, and even the dining and recreation is all family-friendly. Our kids all had a great experience (ages 5, 9, 11, 12).

Another bonus of having no casinos: there is tons of extra space on the ship dedicated to fun kids activities and clubs. We are really glad we decided to go on a Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish, but that being said, any cruise line with your family will be a lot of fun. If you find activities you like and stops you’ll want to see, you’ll have a wonderful trip. The best part about any cruise line is the fact that all the food is paid for, so that’s one less expense during your trip.

Budgeting for Trips

We have separate savings and investment accounts for almost everything in our life (everyday spending, kids activities, pet costs, gifting and celebrations, car costs, vacation, college savings, etc.). This makes it easy to auto add money to our various budgets every month, then when we need to pay for an unexpected pet cost or kid’s activity, we pull the money from that account. Vacations are no different – we add to our family vacation account each month then use it to plan out our trips when we have enough saved for that trip. If trips are more expensive, we save a little longer for them.

Budgeting for cruises can be interesting because once you’ve paid for the cruise itself (and airfare if necessary) it seems like most of the trip cost is completed. However, be sure to budget for all the extras that come with a cruise which may be:

  • Transportation fees (taxi, shuttle, etc.) from airport to cruise terminal
  • Hotel fees (we had to fly to Florida the day before embarkation – typically you embark first thing in the morning so you’ll probably want to get to your location the day before)
  • Food during travel
  • Any paid food experiences you’d like to have on the ship (most of the food is included with your ticket, but there are several places you need to pay extra for food. Specifically on the Disney Wish, there are several optional paid dining experiences that I’ve detailed in the Food & Dining section below).
  • Excursions and port activities
  • Souvenirs
  • Taxes on the ship when you disembark
  • Tips for housekeeping staff and restaurant staff

Spending with Kids

When traveling with our kids (and for every day allowance and expenses) we love Greenlight. Greenlight is a savings system, management tool, and debit cards for kids. It has been a game-changer for helping our kids see the value of what they’ve earned, save and pay for things they’d like, be responsible for their purchases (especially on trips), and easily allows for them to donate, save, and receive funds from family for birthdays/gifts. It’s a wonderful tool with an easy-to-use app that allows you to pay your kids for chores, allowance, etc. as well as break their money into savings and spending reserves.

Greenlight makes it easy to send money to your kids and teach them how to manage it. Sign up today and you’ll get $30! Here is my referral link: https://share.greenlight.com/70386866

Only mentioning Greenlight in this post, because we’ve found it helpful to have our kids save up a specific account just for souvenirs on our trips. This helps them make decisions when we are at stores or gift shops – it’s up to them to decide how to spend but when they’re out, they’re out, and it really cuts out the negotiations with mom and dad for more stuff 😉 Also they love having their own debit cards and getting to purchase their own items. It gives them a feeling of ownership over the process.

If you’d like to sign up or learn more, click here to access Greenlight ang get $30 for signing up.

And even if you don’t use Greenlight, it’s a great idea to have kids save up a little for their trip – whether it’s cash or saved on a debit card!

The Disney Wish Ship

Why did we decide to go on a Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish? We actually had originally booked our Disney Cruise in July of 2021, and planned to go in January 2022 on the Disney Dream. However, our family ended up getting Covid in January 2022, so we had to reschedule it.

When we found out about the new Wish ship, and all the things our kids would love on it (Marvel, Star Wars, Hero Zone, Aqua Mouse, kids’ club), we decided to transfer our package to the Disney Wish. I’m so glad we did! The Wish really reaches a wide range of kids with their kids’ clubs and activities. Our 12 year-old and 11 year-old were able to go to the Oceaneer Club (for kids ages 3-12) and the Edge (for kids 11-14). Our 9 year-old and 5 year-old loved the Oceaneer Club, and spent a lot of time in the Marvel Academy and with the Disney Imagineering rollercoaster.

(One thing I will say about Disney is they were great with all the rescheduling – when we got Covid I called them and there were no charges incurred- and it was a simple 10 minute process to switch our cruise over to another ship/date/time).

Ultimately, we decided to go on the Disney Wish because of our kids’ specific interests and the options available on this ship for them. From the Star Wars and Marvel centers in the kids club, to the waterslide and AquaMouse water ride on the pool deck, to the Worlds of Marvel restaurant and the Star Wars Hyperspace lounge, also the Hero Zone with sports and bounce houses, and the shows offered, there were a lot of things my kids loved about the Wish. Before you decide on a Disney Cruise, do a little research about each ship and see what they have that may interest your family (kids clubs, shows, restaurant themes, water rides, etc.). This article from Travel + Leisure has info about each ship.

Besides the kids clubs, here are some things we loved about the Disney Wish:

  • AquaMouse
  • Hero Zone
  • Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge
  • Worlds of Marvel Restaurant
  • Family-friendly Broadway quality shows
  • Deck shows – great music and dancing – fun and family-friendly

I’ll share more about these below. (Also, there are several great YouTube videos that fully tour a Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish – here is a good tour video from Eat Sleep Cruise.)

One of the deck shows on the Disney Wish

Travel to the Disney Wish

Living in Portland, Oregon we are pretty far from Cape Canaveral – but there is a great nonstop flight from Portland to Orlando every day on Alaska Airlines. Here we are just about to leave Portland for our Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish.

If we can fly nonstop I prefer to, especially with all the flight delays recently. We found a week in October where our kids had 3 days off of school, and found that was a low-travel time to Orlando so the tickets were more reasonable than in the summer or during the holidays. If you’re thinking about a cruise, try to research airfare in slower months – once you find a good time to fly, try to find the cruise you like around that time period. Cruises are a lot more expensive in the summer, compared to fall or winter. Looking at all these variables can save you a lot (especially for a big family like ours, when we are buying 6 plane tickets).

Getting to Port Canaveral takes a little more time than cruise ports near an airport, because it’s about 1 hour from the Orlando airport. We decided to stay in a hotel in Cape Canaveral, so it would be easy to get to the ship the morning of our cruise. When we flew to Orlando, we took a shuttle from the airport to our Hotel – we stayed at the Hilton Home 2 Suites – it has a great room option for sleeping 6, free breakfast, and a shuttle from the hotel straight to the Disney Cruise Terminal. Most hotels in this area have shuttles directly to the Cruise Terminals – you can easily get an Uber.

Just about to leave the hotel – everyone was so excited.

The Disney Cruise Terminal in Cape Canaveral

Before your cruise you will get an exact date (usually 4-6 weeks before your sail date) to log on and check in. The sooner you check in, the earlier boarding group you will get. (You can start checking in at 12am EST on the day of your allowed check-in, so stay up late and get it done). Check-in includes uploading your passport documents, for us it also included uploading our Covid vaccine cards, and other personal info. Once you complete the check-in online, you will be assigned a boarding time. The first boarding groups are around 10am, and move in incremental shifts until about 2pm.

Our check-in time was 11am. When we got to the terminal we had to line up in our group – then you move through kind of a like an airport – you go through security and into a terminal where you wait for your boarding number to be called. Once it’s called they take your photo, and you embark.

Returning back to the airport after the cruise – When you disembark from the cruise, there are tons of shuttle companies lined up to take people back to Orlando International Airport. We found a shuttle bus with room for our family, and it was an easy ride. You can book it then or you can pre-book these shuttles.

Room Accommodations on the Disney Wish

Most cruise ship staterooms sleep a max of 4-5 people. Because we have 6 total in our family, we have to get 2 rooms on a cruise ship (unless we get the concierge suite, which was still more than the cost of 2 staterooms). Disney allows you to choose the location of your rooms on their website when you are booking, so if you’d like two rooms together, just select two connecting rooms when you book. We decided on 2 interior staterooms. We were barely in the room so we were glad we didn’t spring for more expensive rooms, especially because we had to book 2. Also the kids slept great!

This worked out well because Mitch and I shared one room, and the kids slept in this connecting room which had a queen bed and a bunk bed. With the doors open between these two spaces we actually had plenty of room for our stuff, and all our suitcases fit under the beds. The one thing we needed more of was hanging space – before the trip I’d read that you should always bring these magnetic hangers with you on cruises – they work on any wall because of all the metal in the ship. These were a lifesaver! We hung towels, swimsuits, hats, and lanyards on them.

By keeping the doors open between the rooms all week it felt bigger (and also gave us 2 bathrooms, 2 TVs, 2 closets, an extra couch, etc.). We had a wonderful housekeeper who made the beds for us every evening and kept us well stocked.

Room Decorations

If you want to it can be fun to decorate your door(s) on the cruise ship. Lots of families get magnets or other hanging door decor. We found some simple custom magnets from this Etsy shop and surprised our kids with them. They loved decorating the door when we got there.

Facebook Groups for your Cruise Group

You can search on Facebook for “Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish” + your specific ship and sail date – most sail dates have a group already formed – it’s a great place to ask questions and get info from people you’ll be sailing with. Many people in our group were communicating about check-in, technical difficulties, Fish Extenders (which is a gift exchange people do on the ship – we didn’t participate but a lot of people do), and, packing suggestions, etc. There are lots of Disney cruise pros in these groups so they had some great suggestions on extras to bring. Below I’ll share more about what we packed.

What’s on the Ship for the Kids

From the moment you get on your Disney Cruise, you can see why it’s so family-friendly. They stagger the boarding so each family comes on one at a time from the terminal. When your family walks on they announce your name as you walk in to the main atrium – the atrium is beautiful. They have shows and comedy sketches going on throughout the day on the main stage. The short comedy shows and songs here were actually hilarious and really fun.

Once you get on the ship, it’s fun to get a lay of the ship and take a tour. When you first get on all the kids centers are open for visitors, so you can walk through with your kids. We toured the Oceaneer Club, the Edge, the Star Wars lounge, the Hero Zone, the food areas, and the pool decks.


What is the AquaMouse? The AquaMouse is dubbed Disney’s first ride at sea – it is a 760-foot water coaster that includes riding on a small float up a tunnel with Disney animations, then coming out of the tunnel onto a fun twisting tube clear waterslide above the pools of the Disney Wish. Here’s an image from Disney promoting the AquaMouse.

You ride on the AquaMouse on a 2 person flotation raft. It begins by heading up a slow-moving conveyer belt up the tube – during this darker period of the ride you’ll see a rotating group of classic Disney cartoons. When you get to the top, you come out of the dark tunnel into a really pretty clear waterslide tube above the swim area on the ship – it is really fun!

My kids all loved it (ages 5, 9, 11, 12). The AquaMouse can get busy (in the image below you can see how they display the ride wait time – just like at the Disney Parks) – but we found a couple times where it was virtually empty and we got to ride back to back without getting off.

Once your rooms are ready the first day, this is actually a great time to throw on your swimsuits and try the AquaMouse – the line was pretty short right after boarding but got long later in the day.

We also found that riding the AquaMouse in the evening (either right after dinner or after the show) was a great time! One evening we rode it 5 times without getting off because there was no line – really fun all lit up at night!

You can look up videos of the AquaMouse online – our kids loved it – part ride and part waterslide. During the afternoons, especially on the days at sea, it got really crowded – 40+ minute waits.

Pool Area

Besides the AquaMouse, the pool deck has several pools, a twisting waterslide, and a Toy Story splash area which is great for little kids. Disney provides life jackets at all the pool areas for kids of all sizes. No need to bring floats or puddle jumpers because they actually won’t let you use them.

One thing we got and loved were these pool towel clips – then you can go reserve a spot at the pool in the morning and have it there for you when you need it in the day.

Oceaneer Club

The Oceaneer Club is for ages 3-12 (must be potty trained). One thing that makes it so fun is the slide you can use to enter the club! Enter the slide on Deck 3 off the main atrium (see below).

Then the slide goes down to right into the Oceaneer Club! It’s a fun detail.

The highlights of the Oceaneer Club for our kids were the Marvel Training Academy, the Star Wars room, and the imagineering roller coaster design. Everything was so innovative. I will say, during peak busy times, my kids found it too busy to access a lot of these cool items. Earlier in the morning or later in the evening were the best times for exploring.

The Marvel Training Academy on the Disney Wish

You can decide which kids are allowed to check themselves in and out, and which kids must be picked up by a parent. Kids can also “contact” their parents through the kids’ center workers. The workers will text you on the DCL app message chat if your kids need you.

The Star Wars Cargo Bay on the Disney Wish
Star Wars Cargo Bay on the Disney Wish
Marvel Training Academy on the Disney Wish

Beyond Star Wars and Marvel, there are some other wonderful areas in the Oceaneer Club: an Imagineering studio to design roller coaster rides, a craft area, fairytale hall, and a some play areas for younger kids.

Marvel Training Academy on the Disney Wish

Walt Disney Imagineering Lab on the Disney Wish
Walt Disney Imagineering Lab on the Disney Wish
Fairytale Hall on the Disney Wish

I should note that I loved all the handwashing stations they had for kids! They made all kids use it coming in.

Also, a note, if you have any kids with allergies, you’ll need to fill out an allergy form during check-in online, before kids go into the kids’ center.

Kids Play Area on the Disney Wish


The Edge Club is for kids 11-14. Our older kids were 11 and 12 on this cruise – so they were able to go between the Oceaneer Club and the Edge. They were old enough to check themselves out – we just told them to stick together. The Edge has tons of video games, a soda bar, board games, and lots of fun scheduled activities and events.

This age was actually really fun for kids on a cruise. They made friends with some other kids and we found them doing scavenger hunts and other fun activities organized by the Edge workers. Pay attention to the schedules to find out when they have fun things going on like video game challenges or scavenger hunts.

One thing that gives you some peace of mind with older kids being around the ship without you is walkie talkies – walkie talkies are a great way to keep in touch with your family on cruises. Even for adults. Phones don’t work and the cruise messaging app can be spotty. Make sure you get long-range walkie talkies and they should work all over the ship. We loved these Motorola ones and they worked great!

Hero Zone

One cool thing on the Disney Wish is an area they have on the top deck called the Hero Zone – it doubles as a sports area with basketball hoops, foosball tables, and air hockey, as well as a bounce-house race course when they bring out the Incredi-course (usually once a day for a 3-4 hour block). It’s a big blow up bounce-house style course that kids can do for a couple hours a day during the designated hours.

Food & Dining

There are several types of dining on the ship – open casual restaurants and drinks or soft serve (go up anytime of day to get snacks or food), restaurant rotation assignments (for dinner each night), and several paid dinner/drink/snack options.

Besides the kids clubs and hang-out areas on the ship, the restaurants are very family-oriented as well. There are two dining options you can select on the cruise – early or later. If you have the early dining time, then you can attend the shows after dinner. If you have the later dinner, you do the shows first. Our kids usually eat pretty early so we opted for the early dinner time.

Every restaurant has food ranging from nicer, fancier dishes to a kids menu with things like mac & cheese and hamburgers. There is something for everyone and they’re very accommodating to requests and dietary needs.

Our kids main restaurant of interest on the ship was the Worlds of Marvel restaurant. It’s a completely interactive restaurant with entertainment from Ant-Man and Wasp throughout the meal. Depending on your meal rotation schedule, you may get to eat here more than once. Luckily we got to eat here twice and the kids loved it.

The next restaurant is Arendelle – which had a really fun show in the middle during dinner featuring the whole crew from Frozen – singing and acting included. They even included the kids and came around to all the tables.

The last restaurant is 1923 which is the only dinner that doesn’t have a show or entertainment, but it was nice to have a more low-key dinner this night. We were even able to leave early this night because we got done quickly, and we had some time to go ride the AquaMouse several times after dinner before the show.

Paid Dining/Drinks/Treats

In addition to your dining rotation, there are several spots you can get food or drinks at on the ship, for an additional cost:

  • Star Wars Hyperspace Lounge (bar with Star Wars themed drinks in an immersive Star Wars style lounge – they also have a couple non-alcoholic drinks). This was one of my son’s favorite parts of the ship – we took him for a blue milk and to see the hyperdrive “window” in the lounge. It’s a fun experience. It can get busy so keep checking back for openings. If you want to see it but don’t want to order anything you can walk through just to check it out.
  • Joyful Sweets (a whimsical sweets shop inspired by the movie Inside Out – cupcakes, ice cream, gelato, and candies)
  • Wheezy’s Freezies (a drink and cold treat stop behind the Toy Story splash zone, out by the pool deck – Dole whips, sno cones, and other frosty treats and drinks)
  • Keg & Compass (themed pub with craft beer, cocktails, wine, and an a la carte snack menu in the afternoon and evenings)
  • Palo Steakhouse (an upscale steakhouse – it does require reservations beforehand – adults only)
  • Enchanté (said to be the most luxurious dining experience on the Disney Wish – 6 course dinners, also brunch and dessert tasting available, with a menu created by Michelin-starred Chef Arnaud Lallement – reservations are required – adults only)

Castaway Cay & Other Stops

Our ship stopped at Castaway Cay and Nassau, Bahamas – when we stopped in the Bahamas we only spent a couple hours off the ship shopping in Nassau – then the kids wanted to get back on because there was just so much to do on the ship.

Nassau, Bahamas

I really wish they would have offered a 7-day cruise on the Wish, because we could have used more time!

One reason we wanted to do a Disney Cruise out of Florida, versus California, was to see Castaway Cay. We’d heard great things about it and it really was a magical day for our kids. It was such a beautiful island – with crystal blue water and sand that felt like baking flour. We could’ve spent several days here.

Disney thought of everything, there are excursions, fun play structures, tons of food and gift shops, and even a kids club on the island.

It was an easy no-stress stop on our cruise – we rented snorkels and spent the day playing in the water, exploring the island, and eating soft-serve and snacks around the island.

Shows & Entertainment

We’ve only done one other cruise before so we’re not cruise experts, but the shows on the Disney cruise were much higher quality (and so much more family-friendly) than our last cruise. The shows on our week of the Disney Wish were Seas the Adventure (a Disney-themed show with Minnie and Goofy), The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. The actors were talented and brilliant. Even my 5 year-old loved them. (Be sure to grab a booster seat in back if you have shorter/younger kids – otherwise it can be hard to see).

You aren’t allowed to take photos in the theater so I found some of these images online – they were wonderfully done, not too long, and enjoyable for our older and younger kids.

The last night there was no show but they had a showing of Hocus Pocus 2 in the large theater that we went to with the older kids, while our younger boys went to the kids club. The theater is beautiful.

Pirate Party on a Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish

The last night of the cruise they also do a Pirate Party on the main deck along with fireworks. This was a high-energy fun dance kind of party but it went a little late for us – the kids were exhausted afterward. I think they do these on every cruise. People go all out in their pirate costumes. I just bought these simple hats and eyepatches on Amazon to throw in our bag for pirate night.

Movie Theaters on the Ship

There are 2 really nice movie theaters on the ship the Neverland and Wonderland theaters – all day and into the evening they are playing Disney, Star Wars, and Marvel movies – this was another fun activity for our older kids to go to during the day.

Halloween Theme on a Disney Cruise (Halloween on the High Seas)

We weren’t sure about doing a Halloween themed cruise, but the timing worked out well for our kids’ school schedules, so we went with it. It actually ended up being a fun extra for the kids – they got to dress up one day and even wear their costumes to dinner. People get really into the costumes – I tried to go for some simple ones we could pack easily. We had these Marvel ones from last year so we repurposed them.

There were lots of cool Halloween decorations for the kids on the ship like this Halloween tree, and many of the Disney characters were dressed in Halloween Costumes as well.

Photo Pass

The Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish photo pass can be expensive (about $200 depending if you buy it early or onboard). It isn’t a necessity by any means, and if you’re trying to trim your cruise cost, you can skip this – it’s really easy to ask strangers to snap a photo for you. But I will say it’s a nice convenience to have photographers who are stationed at the best photo opp spots throughout the ship taking photos for you. The spots include the entrance to the ship, the atrium stairs, the top of the atrium, the big red Mickey funnels on the top deck of the ship, formal photos outside the restaurants before dinner, the pirate party deck, several spots on Castaway Cay, and more.

They rotate spots each day – when they take your photo they scan your cruise card, and then the photos upload right to your app. We’ve done this photo pass and DisneyWorld and Disneyland and I never regret it. Really nice to have some good family photos in all the best spots.

What to Pack for a Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish

I’ve shown in on my Instagram before, but I’ll share again here. I love to pack by day instead of by person for our trips. So each bag will be for a day, with all our clothes for that day. Then, we only need to get one bag out per day. We add one additional bag for toiletries and swim, and it makes the management of our suitcases much easier when traveling.

Here is what I packed for our family for this Disney Cruise:

  • Comfy travel clothes (for our travel days, we all wore joggers, t-shirts, and a sweatshirt to layer on to). Be sure to have your kids wear the biggest shoes you’re bringing so you don’t have to pack them. Our kids all wore running shoes. We packed their flipflops. Try to reuse these for your port-stop days.
  • Nicer clothes for dinners. The dinners aren’t super fancy but you don’t want to be in flipflops or swimwear at the table. We packed light dresses for my daughter and some simple button-ups for my boys.
  • Swim clothes. We packed 3 swimsuits for each person. They can take a while to dry when they’re just air-drying in the hotel room, and most days you’ll be changing into your suit at least twice (we’d swim during the day and then sometimes again at night to ride the AquaMouse).
  • Comfy lounge clothes/PJs for the evening. After dinner we’d run to our room to change into swimsuits, go ride the AquaMouse several times, then run back to our room to get in comfy clothes before going to see the show.
  • Shoes: sneakers, flip flops/pool shoes, nicer shoes to dress up (for our boys we just had them wear sneakers with their dress clothes to dinner, to save space).
  • Hats and sunglasses for everyone
  • Extra Items:
    • Lanyards with clear card carriers on them (so you and kids don’t lose your Key to the World Card – needed for everything on the ship). This was a great tip from our Facebook cruise group – get different colored lanyards with clear card holders for everyone in your group. We got this pack and they were great. It’s easy to know what color belongs to each person, and most importantly it keeps you from losing your Key to the World Card! You’ll need it all over the ship, and to disembark for your cruise stop.
    • Magnetic Hooks – there are almost no places to hang things in cruise rooms, and all the walls have metal in them, so we got these magnet hooks and they were a lifesaver. We had them all over the rooms to hang hats, swimsuits, lanyards, and towels. They are very heavy duty and work great.
    • Pool Towel Clips – keep your towels secure and your spots saved at the pool.
    • Long-range Walkie Talkiesthese can help you so much to communicate with each other around the ship. My oldest son and I got up early every morning to go workout and eat breakfast, and we’d keep one with us so the others could call and find us. We’d also have our older kids carry them if they wanted to go see a movie or go to the kids clubs without us. Really helpful! These Motorola ones were great.
    • A compactible tote to carry pool stuff around the ship – you won’t want to take your purse with you around the ship. You can lock your wallet and valuables in the safe in the room, then use a light bag like this for sunscreen, water, books, etc. I loved this one!
    • Door magnets (optional but fun)
    • Disney items (shirts/Mickey ears/etc.)
    • Sunscreen – my kids are ghostly pale and this is by far the best sunscreen I’ve ever used on them. They don’t burn with it! Make sure to reapply because the sun is hot down there!
    • Motion sickness medicine and bands – luckily we didn’t end up needing these, but I wanted to have them in case. Children’s Dramamine and Sea Bands, just in case someone in your group gets motion sick.
    • Extra charging cords and adapters – there aren’t a ton of plugs in the room – these bases and these 4 in one cords (to charge phone, apple watch, kindle, and airpods) are lifesavers.
    • Custom door magnets – we found some simple custom magnets from this Etsy shop and surprised our kids with them. They loved decorating the door when we got there.
    • Good water bottles – these Stanley flip top water bottles are our family’s favorite for 2 reasons: They don’t leak at all! And they keep the ice/drink cold all day. Our kids use these for school everyday and I use them for the gym, so we just brought them on the trip – they were great for keeping cold water with us all day!

Cruising with Kids

One perk we loved of a Disney cruise, versus another kind of Disney trip (like Disneyland or DisneyWorld) was that Mitch and I got to have some time to hang out together! We’d bring our kids to the kids clubs then go lay at the pool and read a book or go get some food or visit the shops on the ship. It really is so flexible for families, and nice that you can all have a trip together, but not be together 100% of the day. The workers in the kids areas were great and we trusted them completely. They texted us if our kids ever needed us. We only wish the cruise could have been longer – we wanted to go on the Disney Wish but they currently aren’t offering the longer 7 day cruises on the Wish yet.

Overall Thoughts about our Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish

Did we have a wonderful time on our cruise? Completely. A great time. No real complaints about Disney’s service or the ship or the quality of the experience. Would we go again? Maybe.

Probably confusing I’d say that considering we had such a great time, but while cruising is fun, it can also be hectic and a little too jam-packed for me. There is so much going on all the time, it feels a lot less restful than going to a resort or a beach. It’s a certain kind of trip and feels a lot more like going to Disneyland, then like a relaxing beach trip. I loved it for what it was, I do feel like it was worth the money for everything we got to do, the shows we got to see, all the activities, and kids centers, (and all the food we ate 😉 I know some people who love cruising and book their next trip right when they get home, but the more introverted part of me feels like while it’s really fun and a cool/unique experience, I don’t need to do it every year. Maybe we’ll do another one down the road, but for now I’m happy with the experience we had, and honestly loved cruising on Disney so much more than our first cruise. Disney not only creates wonderful experiences for our kids, but the ship was so clean, family-friendly, and fun for our whole family.

Feel free to leave me a note if you have any specific questions of things I forgot to cover about our Disney Cruise on the Disney Wish. I hope I can help you out! Happy trip planning!

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