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Printable Chore Chart

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Printable Chore Chart

Every summer I go between waves of excitement about no schedule with my kids – they get to have fun, be a little more free, and not running from one thing to the next – and waves of anxiety keeping them active during the summer. I love having them home! But it’s also more pressure to create structured and meaningful time at home.

One of the best things we have done every summer for our kids is morning chores. Every day before we head out to do something fun or even before we run any errands or visit friends, we do our morning chores. We put some music on, everyone knows their assignments because of our chore charts on the fridge, and we get them done. If they fill up the entire week’s chores with no misses, then they get a special prize (sometimes it’s money, sometimes it’s a trip for ice cream, or a movie – just something fun). I wanted to pass along our Printable Chore Chart to you too, so you can create an easy space to keep track of chores and assignments this summer. I print mine here , laminate them, then use dry erase markers to let the kids check off their chores each day. On Saturday we do more family chores and yard work so they only do these assignments on weekdays.

Printable Chore Chart

We’ve been on summer break for 1 week now and I’m already grateful for these chore charts of ours! The first day of summer we sat down as a family and made our plans for chores. I let the kids each pick 1 chore they actually like to do (my son likes to take out the trash – who knew? And my daughter loves to vacuum. Win!). Then that night I edited the previous chore charts to reflect their new tasks. Here’s how our summer mornings go:

  • Breakfast
  • Chore time
  • School workbook time
  • Reading time

Once we get that done I’m fine to let them play or swim all day without feeling bad. And if you have busy mornings, just switch the chores to the afternoon. Or on days we have to be out the door earlier, we finish some in the morning and others at night. Make it work for your family.

The chores on our charts are different for each child based on age but they all have some of the same, including:

  • Brush teeth
  • Get dressed
  • Make bed
  • Say prayers
  • Laundry in basket

In addition to these, our other chores include:

  • Take out trash
  • Sweep kitchen
  • Vacuum office and living room
  • Spray windows (we rotate which windows each day)
  • Dust a room
  • Wipe down bathrooms
  • Start the laundry
  • Pick 5 (5 random things I need them to pick up each morning)
  • Empty dishwasher
  • Clean counters
  • Clean table
  • Put shoes away
  • Pick up playroom

Use this printable chore chart to get started and add your own to our list – click here or click the image above to download and print. They’re already sized to 8.5 x 11 for you. Then decide on the chores and hang them where you’ll see them each day. Also add any activities you want them to do each day that aren’t chores (like reading or practicing piano). Our Plum Street Planners are great for me planning my personal chores and tasks, but these printable chore charts are great for your kids.

I hope this printable chore chart helps your summer as much as it does for us!

Let me know if you use this printable chore chart! If so, be sure to tag us @plumstreetprints on Instagram or Facebook.

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