h e l l o !

I’m Shannon Lyon, recipe creator and mom of 4 in Portland, Oregon. I’m here for the food. My problem is there’s almost no food I don’t like. 

I love balanced flavor combinations and simple changes to basic recipes that elevate them (and make them seem a little more gourmet than they really are). I love that meals, no matter how simple or complex, bring people together. And I think that delivering a delicious treat is always great way to visit a neighbor or friend.

I teach cooking and baking techniques at conferences, on TV programs, and on my Instagram page.

I’m a self-taught cook and baker and I have been creating recipes since I was in elementary school, trying to learn how to make cakes when I was 8 and stir-fry when I was 10. When I got married in 2005 I had someone to cook for and found myself cooking and baking every day. Now with 4 kids, we are in the kitchen all the time.

I grew up in the Seattle area, and then attended BYU, double-majoring in advertising & English. After college I worked in advertising as a brand planner while also earning a Master’s Degree in Humanities. I now spend my time testing and developing recipes for my site and bringing you recipes you will love. My recipes have been featured on ABC, NBC, Fox, and MSN.

I’m here if you have any questions! You can click contact to get in touch with custom requests, ideas, or just to say hi.

Thanks for being here,