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Magnolia Story Quote – Printable

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This week I finally read this book – The Magnolia Story – by Chip and Joanna Gaines. I just bought it as my next read because of what I’ve heard – that these two were not an overnight success. That they’ve worked and failed and worked again and failed over and over for years before HGTV came to them. I love this idea of perseverance again and again. These two are inspiring and faithful to me as a mom and as a business owner. With both we sometimes fail and sometimes succeed, but it’s the work that improves everything in the long run. We aren’t ready for opportunties that come unless we’ve been working toward them.

The Magnolia Story Quote - Free Printable

I am usually pretty critical of books, but I can say I just loved The Magnolia Story. I liked the back and forth dialogue of Chip and Joanna, but more than that I loved their perspective on life. They’ve learned through their hardships that they have to appreciate life even when it’s hard. That they had to find a way to find joy and beauty in those hard times, because if they couldn’t do it then, they’d never be able to do it once big success came.

As a business owner like Joanna, and a mom, I felt her advice twofold. When she talked about letting go of perfection as a mother, it really hit me. Her feelings are all feelings I’ve had before – struggling to keep things “perfect” but then not really getting those close moments with your children because of it – and how letting that go has helped her family thrive. She also references faith and trust in God repeatedly – that with all parts of our life we must trust God. Many times we think of bad things happening to us, but often they are happening for us.

This quote was my favorite of the book:

“I always thought that the “thriving” would come when everything was perfect, and what I learned is that it’s actually down in the mess that things get good.”  – Joanna Gaines, The Magnolia Story

Even when they were close to losing everything, she chose to find joy. What a great reminder to live in the moment and find the joys NOW. It won’t be better once x, y, or z happens if we can’t find those now.

I put together a printable of this quote for you, because I love it so much. Click the image below to download, and feel free to print or post.



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