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Simple Master Bedroom Update

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One of our favorite rooms in our house is the master bedroom. It has great light, great windows, a good shape, really nice floors, pretty crown molding, and a calming paint color. The previous owners had a different style than we do, so we were excited to get in this room and give it a pretty and simple master bedroom update. We still have some things to add like a rug and artwork, but it’s come a long way in the past 2 months. What are your suggestions for great rug shops online?

Here’s what it looks like now – we love our simple master bedroom update:

Master Bedroom Updates

And here’s what it used to look like:

Master Bedroom Updates - BEFORE

It is strongly confirmed to me after the updates we’ve done in this house that paint color and furniture affect the lighting so much! When the paint and furniture is dark and brown, the lighting seems darker and the rooms seem smaller. But when the furniture and paint are light, it really lightens up the whole space, and makes it feel bigger. After this simple master bedroom update, the room feels a lot bigger and more open.


We purchased a new bed when we moved in, from Wayfair. They had a huge selection of king size tufted beds (what we were looking for) at great prices. They had so much variety we could find exactly what we wanted for our simple master bedroom update – some were straight, some were curved, some were higher, some lower, and they had a huge selection of colors. If you’re looking for a bed I’d highly suggest Wayfair – we have loved this bed. We had a great experience. We love the quality of this bed – not only can the headboard be made higher or lower, but so can the mattress. We also purchased this box spring to raise the mattress up a bit from the platforms that come standard with the bed. It’s a cool new kind of box spring that comes in a box and you can put it together. Much easier to transport than a traditional box spring. And I didn’t want a low profile bed so this worked perfectly. We also purchased a Real Simple line of white clean bedding – a coverlet that I love.

Master Bedroom Updates


We also purchased a new mattress (so excited to finally get rid of our queen sized bed ;).

We wanted to go with the mattress in the box approach (good quality foam mattress, easy to purchase/deliver, great prices, great money back guarantees for almost all the brands, and lots of reviews online to help us make our decision). After much research (I read way too many mattress review blogs, sites, and reviews on Amazon), we decided on a Tuft and Needle king mattress. Here’s why:

  • More firm than other boxed mattress brands. Almost all the reviews said Tuft and Needle was a bit firmer than the other boxed brands (like Purple, Casper, Leesa, etc.). Have you ever been on a memory foam or traditional mattress that was too soft? You sit on it or lie on it and kind of sink in? Not what we wanted. We could not be happier with this mattress and love the firmness of the Tuft and Needle.
  • Guarantee. Tuft and Needle had one of the best and longest return periods for a boxed mattress – they have a 100 night trial period and a 10 year guarantee. Even if we liked it at first, but not in a year or two, we could still return it.
  • Reviews from friends. As much as online reviews are great, we’d heard from several people we know that they love this mattress. Sold.
  • Price. Though the prices for these boxed mattress are all within a hundred or two hundred dollars of each other, Tuft and Needle did have the best price point. This was another selling point for us.

We have been SO happy with our mattress. It is comfortable and great quality. It’s only been 3 months but I really do love it. I can strongly recommend a Tuft and Needle mattress.

Side Table & Decor

We spent weeks looking for some nice white side dressers for the bed. It was hard to find some we liked. We found a couple that were almost $1000 each. Way too much, in my opinion, for a little nightstand! We didn’t want a tiny, dinky looking nightstand but didn’t want a huge dresser. We needed something in-between. We decided to get a dresser we liked and add pulls to it. We found this straight, modern dresser from Target and bought these golden bar pulls for it. This meant that for about $100 each, we had side tables we loved. A great deal! If you decide to DIY your nightstands with custom pulls, make sure you get a dresser that doesn’t have any hardware or holes drilled on the front of the drawers, so you can easily install your new hardware without having to fill/putty, sand, and paint the dresser. Also, if your dresser isn’t a solid wood, you probably can’t sand and paint it anyway. This was such an easy project because the drawers came flat, no holes, ready for us to install the hardware we wanted. Perfect for a simple master bedroom update.

We love how the side tables turned out! They are a great size. Sturdy enough to hold some things, but not too big. I also love the little decor items I purchased from Target. Items are linked below:

Master Bedroom Updates Master Bedroom Updates

Master Bedroom Updates:

We purchased several throw pillows from Studio McGee when we moved in – we love the quality and the style of them. Here is the link to the larger blush striped pillows, and here is the link to the mudcloth lumbar pillow. McGee and Co. makes each pillow to order. We love the look of these and knew we wanted them for our simple master bedroom update.

Master Bedroom Updates  Master Bedroom Update

I think these brass pulls might be my favorite – they are the same style as we used on our Ikea Hack dresser, but a smaller length. After scouring the internet for great pulls, these are the best priced and best quality I could find. (Also they ship Amazon Prime – no brainer.)

Master Bedroom Updates Master Bedroom Updates

Now, we just need to get a nice rug, and some art in here. I’m working on my new art line for the shop, so hoping to create something that works well over the bed for our master bedroom update. But if you have any rug ideas, send them my way. I’d love to see if you decide to DIY a dresser with these pretty brass pulls, or any other simple master bedroom update you have.

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Simple Master Bedroom Update

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