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Simple Girl’s Room Updates

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Simple Girl’s Room Updates

Simple Girl's Room Updates

It’s been so fun re-doing our daughter’s room with some simple girl’s room updates… when we moved into the house, her room was hot pink – a bubble gum explosion (see below)! She of course loved the color but we worked hard to talk her down to something more neutral. A simple a pretty, dusty, muted pink is what we wanted. We searched through several brands and tested lots of colors. We finally decided on Benjamin Moore’s Southern Comfort and could not love it more. It’s the perfect perfect girl’s room pink. It’s really muted, really calm, and just enough pink for her to be happy with it (while not driving you crazy). The swatch looks almost brown, but trust me it looks so good painted on the walls. Anything that looks even slightly pink on a swatch will be way too pink covered on all the walls!

Here’s what it looks like now:

Simple Girl's Room Updates

And here’s what it used to look like:

Simple Girl's Room Updates - before

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, the paint color really affects the feel of a room and the lighting so much! Her room is so much lighter and even airy now. We love the simple dusty pink from Benjamin Moore.

We also picked up some accessories from Target and Amazon for her room. A couple cute little items really made her love it. This wall-hanging zebra head and this golden lamp are her favorites. All items are linked below.

Simple Girl's Room Updates

Simple Girl’s Room Updates – items linked:

Simple Girl's Room Updates

Simple Girl's Room Updates Simple Girl's Room Updates

If you are thinking to do any Simple Girl’s Room Updates in your house, it can be really easy! Let me know if you’re updating any kids’ rooms and what your favorite items have been, and tag us @plumstreetprints on Instagram or Facebook. I’m really loving Target’s recent Pillowfort line for kids. They’ve nailed it on so many items. I also forgot how much I love World Market. Everything in there feels like a little treasure.

Good luck with your updates!

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Simple Girl's Room Updates

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