Hurricane Harvey Help Sites

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Hurricane Harvey Help Sites

A lot of people have been asking us how they can help locally with Hurricane Harvey – I’ve put together some local organizations I know of here that are using 100% of the proceeds for shelters, food and clothing supplies, and items for victims. These organizations are filled with so many good volunteers we’ve already seen helping around our community. We live in The Woodlands, about 45 minutes north of the city. We were lucky to not be hit as hard by the storm and are trying to help as much as we can. We have been overwhelmed by all the kindness and goodness we’ve seen. Everyone has come together to help the storm victims and the volunteers tirelessly working to save people, clean out houses, and shelter displaced families. We have been helping out as much as we can, making meals, getting supplies, and donating items.

Hurricane Harvey Relief


These organizations are coordinating great efforts in our community:

Interfaith of the Woodlands

St. Anthony’s 

Stonebridge Church

Woodlands Church

Montgomery County Food Bank

Houston Food Bank

Texas Diaper Bank

Adopt a Classroom – great project for schools or classrooms out of state!

I know there are a lot of other amazing groups out there too! These are the ones I am familiar with and know are putting all the proceeds right to the Harvey victims. So thankful for all the wonderful acts of love and generosity we’ve seen here in Texas.

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