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Light The World 2018

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Light The World 2018

Even though December is frantic time of year, it is the month to really feel and see the best in others. I love the kindness that seems to overcome (most) people – well, minus the crazy Black Friday shoppers who trample each other. But for the most part, I see neighbors bringing each other treats, students with gifts for their hard working teachers, families doing service, happy get-togethers, and gratitude.

Every December our church directs an initiative – which all are welcome to participate in! – called Light the World. The goal is turn us all more toward service leading up to Christmas – rather than just focus on spending and material things. We’ve participated the past couple of years and loved the way it has helped our kids to feel that joy of selfless giving, eased up our own pressures to do too much that doesn’t matter, and to focus on what really does matter – giving, serving, kindness, and reaching out to others.

The challenge works like this – every day or week you challenge yourself and your family to serve in various ways. There is a calendar (you can click above to download it) that recommends specific types of service for each day and week – you can follow that calendar or create something of your own. Honestly, Light the World can be any kind of giving or serving. Not just something from this calendar. Share your experiences with the tag #LIGHTtheWORLD so we can see what you’re working on!

This year the challenge starts broader – with global service and then hones in on community service, family service, and then improving yourself. Click here to read more about the Light the World 2018 challenge!

There are several videos you can watch better explaining each week’s theme here, and I’ve also put together some printables – below – with quotes that I love about service. We have been given so much. Serving others is the way to real happiness around the Holidays. Man, am I thankful for this challenge otherwise I don’t know if I’d do all these things on my own. I really need it this time of year.

Click the image below to redirect to the printables I’ve created – it will send you to a folder with all of them.

Let me know if you are going to join in the Light the World 2018 project! And see my other holiday items here.

Happy December!

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