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Patriotic Flag Snack Board

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Patriotic Flag Snack Board

This is the easiest side to put together for your patriotic celebrations! Need a side to bring to a get-together? Want to make a treat for your family that takes only 5 minutes? This Patriotic Flag Snack Board is it. You can throw it together easily, adults and children love it, it’s somewhat healthy, and it looks lovely.

Just grab some blueberries, red fruit (like strawberries, cherries, raspberries), white chocolate pretzels (really anything white could work – white yogurt raisins, white chocolate chips, coconut, etc.).

Put the blueberries in a little bowl or dish to keep them from rolling around. Grab a small rimmed baking sheet and line up the fruit alternating with the white chocolate. So simple. And even fresh.

Bonus, this looks really pretty. With minimal effort. That’s my kind of treat. (See my other desserts here.)

I hope you love this Flag Snack Board as much as we do. Tag me @plumstreetcollective if you make these … Happy snacking!

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