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My Favorite Watercolor Tools

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My Favorite Watercolor Tools

Here is a roundup of My Favorite Watercolor Tools – the tools I’ve liked working with best over the years. I will keep these updated as I try new products and/if my recommendations change!


Beginning watercolor cakes – an easy way to start with watercolor is to use cakes. The color quality will be better with tube paints, but this is a quick way to begin and practice techniques. These Loew Cornell cakes have a really nice quality and thickness. Some watercolor cakes get dry and flaky – but these are so smooth. If you go with cakes, be sure to give these a try!


Watercolor pens – I love water brush pens! They make watercolor so simple – and make it so you can do it really almost anywhere. These pens come in 3 tip sizes. You fill up the chamber with water and then simply squeeze the chamber to let water slowly come out through the tip of the brush. When you need more water, just squeeze the pen! These Pentel Aquash water brush pens are my favorite – I use them for watercolor lettering and painting.

Tube watercolor paints – I love tube paints because they allow for really rich, smooth colors. They also allow for an endless amount of colors, as you can easily mix them. Another great thing about tube paints is how little you need to use to get really rich color.

Brushes – a set of nice brushes will help your watercolor technique. I’ve used bad brushes before that shed or make rough lines on your page. I like these delicate brushes that help create pretty vines, stems, leaves, and florals.


Watercolor paper- it may not seem important, but having a good watercolor paper actually affects your paintings a lot! If the paper is too thin, the water will run across the page and warp and bend the paper. The shapes you paint may be unrecognizable when you’re done without good paper 😉 A thick watercolor paper will absorb all the water that you use while painting – and it will ensure your painting dries nicely with no warping.

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