I get dozens of emails and messages about a myriad of branding and planning questions – how to start a business, how I plan my days as a business owner & mom, how to build a brand, social media questions, image questions, how to run a business while taking care of a family, and so much more! Because of these questions I felt a strong desire to start helping others – like you – build a successful and lovely brand – a brand that is not only your passion, but if well-planned can also improve your personal life because you’ll feel more fulfilled and proud of what you’re accomplishing each day! I want this for all of you! I am such a big believer in not only cheering you on along your journey, but in giving you TOOLS to make that happen!

What is the purpose of having great products or services if you have no one to sell them to? What is the point of a huge following if you aren’t somehow creating worth from that? How can you take the gifts you’ve been given and the things you excel at to create a lovely and thriving business?  Stay tuned because we have a lot coming your way to give you TOOLS and METHODS to build your dream brand!

As a business owner and former brand planner for large companies, I have a love for creating brands with visual and emotional cohesion. Join me and we will build great things together!

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