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This Meal Planning Printable will not only help you get your Meals planned out for the week, but it will help you organize your grocery shopping list by department of the grocery store – this is one of my best hacks for more efficient grocery shopping (and for making sure you don’t forget anything or waste time zig-zagging across the store).

You can click right here to print it out! I thought this Meal Planner Printable might be nice to help you plan out your meals and grocery trips. I love having my shopping lists organized by category, otherwise I always forget something.

Meal Planning Printable

I love meal planning for the week! Not only does it help us eat better, but it helps my grocery trips run more smoothly (and stay under budget!).

Meal Planning Printable

I also love trying to create menus with similar ingredients, so I can use those throughout the week. For example, if I’m making Vietnamese Noodle Bowls one week, a lot of those same ingredients carry over into Bahn Mi Sandwiches, so I can pre-chop the cilantro, carrots, etc. and use those again later in the week.

Meal Planning Printable

Similarly, if I’m making Shrimp Tacos, a lot of ingredients carry over into my Steak Chimichurri Tacos. Grab a couple ingredients, prep them for one meal and have them easily on hand for the next meal!

Meal Planning Printable

Just click here to download and print. I hope you love this Meal Planning Printable as much as I do.

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